Are you gluten-free?

Do you have GMOs in your products?
No. We are in the process of obtaining our official Non-GMO certification, but none of our ingredients have GMOs.

Why do you pasteurize your products?
We pasteurize our products to ensure food safety, as do all other commercially available Alternative Dairy Products.

Does your product contain Carrageenan? I heard that it could be bad for me.

Is your iced coffee good for me?
You betcha. Our products have no saturated fat, are dairy-free, gluten-free, and cholesterol-free. Also, every flavor is under 100 calories, so we won’t make you pack on the pounds.

Why do you use Almondmilk?
Aside from being insanely delicious and naturally lactose-free, it contains considerably less calories and fat than cow’s milk. And obviously, no animals are harmed in the process.

Why is almondmilk one word?
Believe it or not, some lawyers think using “almond MILK” might cause confusion on whether or not the beverage comes from a cow, so now “almondmilk” is officially a word used to differentiate. It’s a crazy world out there.

What is cold brewing?
Cold brewing involves soaking ground coffee beans in water for 12-24 hours. This process produces a very strong, yet smooth coffee concentrate that is considerably less acidic than coffee brewed the traditional way.

Where do you source your coffee and teas?
Our coffee is grown in Columbia and roasted by Brooklyn Roasting Co. The ingredients in our chais are sourced from all over the world and special blended by a local tea expert.

Coffee Concentrate?
Is that made the same way as Juice From Concentrate? Not at all. Coffee concentrate is produced by soaking ground coffee beans in water for 12-24 hours. This produce very strong coffee, which is why it’s called concentrate.

Do your products contain sugar?
Our products are sweetened with organic agave nectar. This not only tastes better, but it has a lower glycemic index than cane sugar.

Is Molly’s Organic?
Molly’s is not fully organic, but many of the ingredients are. All ingredients are non-GMO.

Can kids drink it?
Our products contain coffee and tea, which contain caffeine. We wouldn’t give it to our kids.

Why do you use plastic bottles? Are they BPA free?
We use PET plastic bottles that are easily recyclable into new bottles and a variety of other products. Also, our bottles are 100% BPA free.

Is it Kosher?
Many of our ingredients are Kosher, but we are not certified Kosher.

Where is your production facility?
Our products are bottled in Roxbury, NY.

How should I store my product?
Keep your beverages refrigerated at all times.

Can I drink this if I am a diabetic?
Molly’s is sweetened with organic agave nectar, which has a lower glycemic index than other sugars. However, it’s best to consult with a doctor or dietician.

Can I drink this if I’m lactose intolerant?
Yes! Molly’s contains no lactose or dairy derivatives.

Where is the agave grown?
Our organic agave is grown in Mexico.

Can I drink this when I’m pregnant or nursing?
The product does contain caffeine, so we do not recommend it. However, it’s best to consult with a doctor or dietician.

Is it from green, black, or white tea?

Our chais contains organic black tea and a variety of hand-blended spices.


My local store doesn’t carry Molly’s. How can I get it here?
Tell you’re local store manager that you would like to see it there – and don’t be afraid to reach out to us!

I would like to carry Molly’s products at my small business – what do I do?
Please contact with your request and a representative will be happy to speak with you.

Can I order Molly’s online?
Not at the moment.

Do you sponsor athletes?
Not at the moment, but feel free to reach out to with any specific inquiries.

Are you a publicly traded company?

Are you hiring?
Not at the moment, but feel free to reach out to with any specific inquiries.

Can I Molly’s in a larger size?
We are working on it! However, right now, our products are only available in the 12 oz bottles.

What stores carry Molly’s products now?
Please refer to the locations page.


What is Molly’s Milk Truck?
Molly’s Milk Truck is a food truck located in Hoboken, NJ. This is where Molly’s Signature Iced Coffee was first sold and made famous!

How did you guys get started?
By the kindness of a complete stranger. Please check the out the awesome story !

Why do you have the NYC skyline on your label?

We used to park our food truck along Sinatra Ave. on Hoboken, NJ every day. This was the beautiful view from our window!